What Not To Do When Caring For An Alzheimer’s Patient: Top 2 Mistakes

When caring for an Alzheimer's patient, it is important to be aware of the common mistakes that can be made. This will help you avoid any potential problems and provide the best possible care for your loved one. Unfortunately, many families make the same mistakes without even realizing it. Read on to learn about two mistakes to avoid when caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease. 1.      Not Paying Attention to the Their Needs Read More 

Why Is Effective Memory Care So Important For People With Dementia?

When you have a loved one who is living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, you'll often receive recommendations about memory care. While it is true that this is a progressive disease, there are many indications that effective memory care can slow the progression significantly. The slowing of the progress of the disease means more lucid moments for patients and more opportunities to build meaningful memories for family members. That is only the beginning of the benefits a solid memory care team offers your loved ones. Read More 

Services You Should Expect From A Senior Living Or Retirement Community

The world has changed over the last few years when it comes to senior living. Life expectancy increased substantially over the last 50 years. In fact, it has increased from 71 years in 1971 to 78.99 years in 2021. As the expected age increases, so has the quality of life during those advanced years. Today's seniors are more active than ever, and a senior living community needs to be as active and vibrant as the people who call that community home. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider Moving Into A Senior Living Community

The sunset years are supposed to be the best years of a person's life. However, there are times when these years become challenging, especially when you are living with a chronic health condition. It is even more complicated when you do not have family members to help you with healthcare and the usual day-to-day activities.  Senior living communities are some of the best places where you can find support and care for these golden years. Read More 

5 Crucial Tips For Transiting To Assisted Living

Going from living in your own home to living in an assisted living facility can be a big adjustment, even if you know that it is the right move to make. To make the transition to an assisted living community easier, there are specific steps you can take that will ease the transition. Crucial Tip #1: Choose the Right Community for You Don't assume that all assisted living facilities are the same. Read More